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SPRING 2009 - Flag Day  & for colored girls

FALL 2008 - The Trojan Women 2.0

SPRING 2008 - One Act Festival

FALL 2007 - Fell, or I Sold My Wings on Ebay


FALL 2006 - Joe Turner's Come and Gone

SPRING 2006 - for colored girls

SPRING 2004 - I Ain't Yo Uncle

SPRING 2002 - Shadow Boxed


Flag Day  AND  for colored girls who have considered suicide/when the rainbow is enuf

Flag Day by Lee Blessing

Director----------Emmanuel Asiedu

Producer----------Christina Chen

Vandell----------Emmanuel Asiedu

Hewitt/Adam----------Yoni Golijov

Denby/Rex----------Faaez Jafarey

Dot----------Dominique Jean-Louis

for colored girls who have considered suicide/when the rainbow is enuf by Ntozake Shange

Directors----------Desiree Carver-Thomas & Glenda Smiley

Producer----------Christina Chen

Lady in Blue----------Elinel Almanzar

Lady in Brown----------Ariel Bibby

Lady in Yellow----------Ryan Gingery

Lady in Orange----------Sierra Hills

Lady in Green----------Dominique Jean-Louis

Lady in Purple----------Jessica Johnson

Lady in Red----------Emerald Mitchell

Lady in Black----------Nailah Robinson


Lighting Designer----------Gabe Espinal

Publicity Designer---------Ryan Fukumori

Publicity Manager----------Olivia Jackson

Choreographers----------Olivia Jackson & Dominique Jean-Louis

Sound Designer----------Allison Krause

Stage Manager---------Saffiyah Madraswala

Lerner Tech----------Edwin Mercedes

Set Designer---------Arnold Mwanjila

Hair and Makeup Artist----------Britney Pope

Props Designer----------Victoria Ruiz


Columbia University Center for the Study of Ethnicity and Race; Asere Bello and Men's Peer Education in the Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Program; The United Students of Color Council (USCC)

Special Thanks

Ryan Fukumori; Edwin Mercedes; Rudy Scala; Dale Smith; David Milch; Bill Sheehan; Justin P. Nardecchia; Destiny Sullens; Samantha Stanton; Tommaso Dalla Favera; Barnard Document Services; The Activities Board at Columbia

Spectator blog review: Ticking Time Bombs and BTE's Theatrical Explosion by Kelicia Hollis (4/25/09)

Columbia Spectator: Broadway and TV put mental illness on center stage by Liz Lucero, Lily Cedarbaum, Laura Hedli, and Kelicia Hollis (4/26/09)

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